The 75th Dutch Astronomers Conference (Nederlandse Astronomenconferentie) is organised by Leiden Observatory under the auspices of the Koninklijke Nederlandse Astronomenclub (KNA). The
meeting takes place from 1 to 3 July 2020. This year the NAC is organized in Leiden and will be hosted by the European Astronomical Society Annual Meeting. Therefore, we refer participants to the EAS homepage for more information regarding the venue and accomodation.

General Registration

Please register at the EAS website, irrespective of your participation to the EAS2020 meeting: https://eas.unige.ch/EAS2020/

Very early registration can only be done until February 10, early bird registration until April 28 and regular registration until June 28.

In order to attend the full 3 days of the NAC, one has to register through the 5-day EAS option.

If you are a KNA/NAC member, check with your institute regarding the registration fee.

Please indicate, upon registration, if you are an EAS-member.
The KNA registration website is: https://www.astro.rug.nl/kna/aanmelden.php

Submitting a Contribution

the nac will still accept submissions after the eas abstract submission deadline has passed

If you would like to contribute to the NAC with either a talk, poster or both, please register your contribution on the abstract submission page. The deadline for submitting a contribution is May 1st, 2020.

Special sessions

At the 2020 NAC we will have two special sessions:

  1. A LEGO session. We will participate in a community effort of building Frans Snik’s LEGO VLT. You do not have to register for this activity, it is automatically included in the registration.
  2. A poster session. We prefer to keep the posters on paper, and they will be prominently displayed in the hall of the conference. We will have a poster prize as usual. Submitting a poster can be done at the poster registration page. The deadline for this is June 1.