Oral Abstract

Oral Contribution (O0.2) Turgay Caglar ()

BASS : The black hole mass - sigma relation of type 1 AGNs

We perform multi-wavelength analyses of nearby type 1 galaxies, which are observed as a part of the 105 month Swift-BAT all-sky hard X-ray survey. The analyses include UV and optical spectral data observed by various instruments, such as Keck, Soar, Palomar and X-shooter. Our sample comprises ~ 200 type 1 AGNs in a a wide range of redshift (z<0.080). We aim to estimate stellar velocity dispersion for our sample from absorption lines from the blue side of spectra (CaH+K and Mgb) and the red side of spectra (CaT). We use auxiliary data from BASS such as single-epoch based black hole mass estimates from Hα and Hβ, SFR and X-ray column densities. We then compare our results with M-sigma plane. Our preliminary results demonstrate an offset between two black hole mass estimates. In our study, we will discuss the offset with a few physical parameters (e.g., SFR, Radio Luminosity, X-ray column density, Eddington Ratio and Extinction in BLR.) The additional physical mechanisms will be further discussed in detail.