Oral Abstract

Oral Contribution (O0.2) Kelly Gourdji ()

Constraining the origin of localized fast radio bursts

The progenitor of fast radio bursts (FRBs) and whether there are multiple origins are open questions. The advent of localized FRBs with host galaxy redshifts allows the various emission models to be directly tested for the first time. Given the recent localizations of non-repeating FRBs, I demonstrate how we can place constraints on key model parameters like the strength of the putative FRB emitting neutron star’s magnetic field and the age of the system. In particular, I focus on models related to compact binary merger events involving at least one neutron star, motivated by commonalities between the host galaxies of some FRBs and the hosts of such merger events/short gamma-ray bursts. Furthermore, I discuss potential EM emission associated with some models and recommend multi-wavelength follow-up strategies for future FRBs.