Oral Abstract

Oral Contribution (O0.3) Bjarni Pont ()

Determining Cosmic Ray Composition with Corsika Simulations at the AERA Radio Detector

The Auger Engineering Radio Array (AERA) is an array of about 150 radio antennas spanning an area of 17 kmĀ², currently the largest of its kind, that probes the cosmic-ray spectrum at energies around the transition from galactic to extra-galatic origin. It measures the MHz radio emission of extensive air showers produced by cosmic rays hitting our atmosphere. The cosmic-ray composition is a crucial piece of information in determining what the sources of cosmic rays are and how cosmic rays are accelerated. The composition can be reconstructed with likelihood analysis by comparing the measured radio footprint on the ground to an ensemble of footprints from Monte Carlo Corsika air shower simulations. These simulations are also used to estimate the reconstruction resolution and to validate the reconstruction pipeline by identifying and correcting for biases. In this talk I will describe the method and show the current progress on the cosmic-ray composition reconstruction with AERA.