Day 1

Conference Programme

Wednesday 1st of July 2020

Plenary Session 1A: Introduction (SS21)

Start Time: 09:00 | Chair: Simon Portegies Zwart

09:00 - 09:15
Oral Contribution (O0.1)
Peter Barthel
NAC Opening
09:15 - 09:35
Oral Contribution (O0.2)
Ewine van Dishoeck
NOVA: current and future plans
09:35 - 09:55
Oral Contribution (O0.3)
Michael Wise
SRON and the next decade in space astrophysics
09:55 - 10:15
Oral Contribution (O0.4)
Carole Jackson
ASTRON highlights and future developments

Plenary Session 1B: Interferometry (SS22)

Start Time: 14:30 | Chair: Dirk van Dam

14:30 - 14:54
Invited talk (I0.1)
Heino Falcke
Interferometry at the extreme ends of the radio spectrum: from LOFAR to the EHT
14:54 - 15:08
Oral Contribution (O0.2)
Nika Jurlin
Life cycle of radio galaxies
15:08 - 15:22
Oral Contribution (O0.3)
Joeri van Leeuwen
First Results and Data from the Apertif Surveys
15:22 - 15:36
Oral Contribution (O0.4)
Jakob van den Eijnden
A new radio census of accreting neutron stars
15:36 - 16:00
Invited talk (I0.5)
Leo Burtscher
Optical Long-Baseline Interferometry: Technological Overview and Science Highlights

Focus session 1B: Training on outreach (SS24)

Start Time: 14:30 | Chair: Marieke Baan

14:30 - 14:52
Invited talk (I0.1)
Marieke Baan
How do stories get on the news?
14:52 - 15:14
Invited talk (I0.2)
Erik Arends
How to write an astornomical press release
15:14 - 15:36
Invited talk (I0.3)
Frank Nuijens
Communication channels
15:36 - 15:58
Invited talk (I0.4)
David Redeker

Plenary Session 1C: Outreach (SS23)

Start Time: 16:30 | Chair: Frits Sweijen

16:30 - 16:54
Invited talk (I0.1)
Peter Barthel
Astronomical Outreach - a recipe
16:54 - 17:08
Oral Contribution (O0.2)
Umit Kavak
Watch out: Exoplanet in the Netherlands!
17:08 - 17:22
Oral Contribution (O0.3)
Eva Laplace
How being single or in a couple affects the death of massive stars
17:22 - 17:36
Oral Contribution (O0.4)
Mehmet Deniz Aksulu
A new approach to modelling gamma-ray burst afterglows: Using Gaussian processes to account for the systematics
17:36 - 18:00
Invited talk (I0.5)
Pedro Russo
Public value and public purpose of Astronomy

Focus Session 1C: GAIA (SS25)

Start Time: 16:30 | Chair: Martijn Wilhelm

16:30 - 16:54
Invited talk (I0.1)
Anthony Brown
Mission status and recent science highlights from the second data release

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  • Oral contribution
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  • Focus Demo
  • Other activity
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